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Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome to the Colonoscopy Chronicles

Welcome to The Colonoscopy Chronicles-The Baby Boomers Underground Guide to Colonoscopy!

My goal is to entertain, inform, and most importantly to reduce the ridiculous number of deaths from colorectal cancer in America. While the information contained in The Colonoscopy Chronicles will be as accurate as possible, it is not intended as medical advice. You should consult your personal physician regarding your own medical issues.

Let's face it, us boomers are a different breed. We are the generation that won't accept ageing without a fight. When arthritis hampers our running regimen-do we give up running? No! We replace the joint! Unlike our parents' generation, we are more health-conscious. We are into better nutrition, more physical fitness, and we are sold on preventative health measures. We are more savvy about issues that affect our health, and when we see the doctor, we are far more informed than our predecessors.

So, we've all already had our screening colonoscopies at age fifty-right?

Ahh, just as I suspected! Many of you have managed to evade your initial screening colonoscopy. Kudos to those who have already done it. By walking you through the process, I hope to demystify the experience of the colonoscopy.

We'll keep it accurate and up-to-date,yet easy to understand, and hopefully add a little humor to the process! The Chronicles will discuss what's really on your mind, but what you may feel uncomfortable asking your physician.

Topics will include:

  • Who should do your colonoscopy?
  • Where should the procedure be done?
  • What is the best laxative prep?
  • What are the alternatives to colonoscopy?
  • What type of anesthetic is best?
  • How often should the procedure be done?
  • What are the possible complications?
  • What should I expect the day of the exam?

These topics will be presented from the standpoint of a physician who is in your age group, has performed over 15,000 colonoscopies, and who-incidentally-has had a colonoscopy himself!

I look forward to sharing the Chronicles with you.

Doctor Mike

1 comment:

aglow95 said...

Thank you, Dr. Mike
I just had my 50 y.o rite of passage, and it was a breeze! I opted for a GE center, with a numerologist, not a general surgeon, to whom I was initially referred. Prep was terrific - much easier than prior to my hysterectomy two yrs ago: 4 Dulcolax pills and a bottle of Miralax in any drink - I chose white cranberry juice, white grape juice (calories too - so less hunger) and favorite flavors of Crystal Light. Also White or Green tea with mango or whatever flavor you like - a real treat, and Miralax has NO TASTE! So much better than the Mag Citrate I had to survive before the surgery 2 yrs ago. And the procedure itself was NOTHING! SO glad it was that easy!